All About me

I spend a lot of time in pajamas, but all the more reason for a pretty manicure. Nice nails cheer me more than flowers when I'm sick at home, and when I go out, they help me feel dressed up. And Jams are so easy, I can apply them in bed. Pajama Mamas love Jams.

First thing I loved about Jamberry Nails? Before I even tried them, I loved the fact that they are nontoxic, and biodegradable, and don't require noxious chemicals for application or removal. Mama Earth loves Jams.

I've been having a blast using Nail Art Studio to create custom styles. We each have these 20 tiny canvases to claim as our own art space. An artist friend has joined me in creating a line of exclusive nail wraps to raise awareness and raise funds for medical research. Artist Mamas and Activist Mamas love Jams.

I'm trying to build a business that will save my daughter's life. She's terribly ill and has needs beyond what a fixed Disability income will cover. I love her and will do whatever it takes to help her. Mama Love loves Jams.



Party Date
Forever Fundraiser for M.E. ResearchMay 31, 2017

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